What will happen to the Indian Stock market Today

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Written By Sujit Guha

I am a IT professional managing corporate financial governance with keen intrest in market

Today though NIFTY 50 closed green midcap gained and I have feeling that the ongoing FOMC meeting has made US market uncertain. This uncertainty will flow to the Indian Market.

Not to mention tomorrow is also INDIA’s budget 2024 which I feel will be positive and there are some gossips which say that the income tax slab will increase from 5 Lakh PA to 6 lakh PA. It definitely helps you , how does it help the economy ? Well post the rate hikes people expenditure has gone down and hence the demand. However to ensure demand is maintained government is giving money in your hand in form of tax rebate.

I feel tommorow will be volatile day but post that the market will gain. There is a possitive new IMF has said INDIA will grow by 6.1 % this helps the market sentiments a lot.

My only piece of advice don’t sell your stock hold them and in next 6 months you will get your returns. Keep the SIP alive.

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